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Here's a little about me!

My name is Rebecca Valler, but I usually go by Becca. I am in my early 20's and I moved to Trang, Thailand as a part of Youth With A Mission, Trang (YWAM Trang) in July of 2022. I want you to know that I am just an ordinary person who has been radically changed by Christ. I would not be alive today, or have any hope for eternity without his power and love impacting my heart.


As a result, I have dedicated my life to giving the Lamb of God the reward of his suffering on the cross. I do this by prioritizing going to the unreached nations of the world  and sharing the gospel, just like Jesus commanded over two-thousand years ago. (Matt. 28:18-24) My goal is to know God, and make him known to the nations, especially to the unreached nation of Thailand, as well as make the Great Commission known to young men and women of God.

As a part of YWAM Trang, my goal is to see all of Thailand reached in my lifetime. That doesn't mean that every Thai is a believer, but rather that they have access to the gospel, and a personal friend who could share Christ with them. In addition to that, it means the indigenous Thai church is sending disciples to other unreached nations. Currently I have a commitment to YWAM Trang for five years, but I have no intention to go back to the US at the end of that time. (Except for visits to family, friends, and supporters of course!) As far ahead as I can see, I will be living in Thailand. I truly want to see God receive the worship he is due from the Thai people, and Thai people have a deep, and intimate relationship with Christ as both Lord and Savior.

Presently, my ministry is learning the Thai language and culture. We at YWAM Trang want to effectively disciple the Thai people to follow Christ. In order to do so, we need a deep and full understanding of Thai culture, and a language capacity capable of effectively communicating Biblical commands and principles. We will not be starting up any official ministry until after completing our Language and Culture phase in 2024. That does not mean we will not be sharing the gospel in that time! We will still be sharing Jesus as often as our language and relationships allow. We also plan on going on staff outreaches during this time.

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